QuickBooks is the small business accounting software of choice today.  Here are the key reasons most small businesses in the South Florida area use QuickBooks to maintain their financial needs.

  1. It adapts to most types of small business. Easy to customize.  Reports can be exported to other apps.
  2. Easy to use after it is properly setup. We recommend that you have your QuickBooks accounts set up to match your type of business.  As you might suspect, the needs for a restaurant are different than a construction company versus a law firm or dental practice.
  3. As the market leader, QuickBooks has a huge user base and has been extensively tested.
  4. Industry specific software apps. QuickBooks has versions designed to satisfy Construction businesses, Retail oriented businesses that need a Point of Sale version, Non-Profit for churches, and Enterprise for businesses with over 50 employees.
  5. QuickBooks is in the cloud with QuickBooks Online. For businesses that are migrating to cloud based apps, Intuit improved their QuickBooks Online offering in 2013 and is now committed to meeting the needs of most small businesses.  The Online version is not as robust as Desktop but will continue to improve.
  6. Large network of CPA accountants to support. Given QuickBooks dominant market share, there is a large number of accounting firms that embrace QuickBooks and take the time to become a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, like we have.

By all means, QuickBooks is not suited for all types of businesses and when we see this, we will recommend another approach to satisfy your business needs.

The important thing it that properly organized accounting records enable businesses to make more informed business decisions.  Also, they enable your business to comply with various tax laws like income, sales, payroll and other taxes.  The combination of these two dynamics enable us to recommend tax strategies so your tax obligations are the lowest legally possible with proactive tax planning.

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