Transfer pricing has become an art for most multinational corporations like Apple, Microsoft, GE, Amazon and many others.  However, the impact of transfer pricing upon a closely held business operating in Florida looking to expand overseas can be huge.

Transfer pricing is a boutique service that most CPA Firms seldom provide, particularly small CPA Firms.Transfer Pricing  That’s why it’s important for emerging businesses that operate in multiple countries to align themselves with an experienced CPA Firm that provides an assortment of international tax services.

Transfer Pricing – A transfer price is the price charged between the parent company and its controlled (related) legal entities.  Often, transfer pricing is used to lower taxes by allocating economic profits to countries with lower taxes on profits while lowering economic profits in higher tax countries, like the United States. 

The complexity of transfer pricing rules is intense as the rules change from country to country. For our clients, our goal is to optimize transfer pricing to lower your global effective tax rate while minimizing your potential for a costly audit.

Canner Brody and Yan CPAs is a Miami CPA Accounting firm that has operated for over 65 years.  Our international taxation compliance expertise has exploded over the decades as South Florida has become a hub for multinational trade.

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