CPA - Never UnderestimateHere are a few of the reasons why most people in Miami hire a Certified Public Accountant to file their tax returns.

1. Hours to prepare your taxes – In 2013, the IRS estimated that United States taxpayers (on average) spent 16 hours to prepare a simple tax return.  For a self employed person, the IRS estimated 57 hours.  In 2014, the hours spent will increase even higher.

2. CPA’s catch deductions that you will miss – 20% of DIY tax preparations miss deductions and leave money on the table.  The average missed deduction is $460.  While the IRS notifies us when we owe more, they never notify us when we overpay.

3. Lower risk of being audited – CPA’s are trained to know the hot spots which trigger an IRS Audit.  Like any organization, the IRS has certain priorities each year and focuses on certain areas much closer than others.  Trained CPA’s, who are required to attend lots of continuing education courses each year, understand what aspects increase your risk of being audited.

4. Less stress – Each year, the length and number of questions asked gets longer and longer.  This creates stress emotionally and mentally.  By hiring a trained CPA professional, you can relax and focus on other things.  In the event that you do get randomly selected for an audit, your CPA will represent you in front of the IRS and cover your back.

Tax Code Complexity

Our tax code gets more complicated each year.  For example, the Affordable Care Act is one large piece of tax legislation. As a result, the number of pages within our tax code gets longer each year which makes it far more difficult than it used to do-it-yourself.  The fact that you used to do your own taxes “back in the day” does not mean you should continue.

Tax Code in Pages

This is why we need a simpler, fairer tax code.

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