South Florida, particularly Miami, is open for business and attracting entrepreneurs from outside of the United States.

Miami Financial DistBetween world class beaches, diverse culture, low interest rates and governmental stability, Miami is attracting entrepreneurs from all over the world right now.  According to a recent study by a non-profit foundation, The Tax Foundation, Florida’s tax climate is another reason for attracting entrepreneurs.  The study determined that Florida ranks as the fifth best tax climate in the United States.  Florida also ranked fifth the prior year.

Oil PricesAnd as oil prices have plummeted down, wealthy individuals in oil dependent nations like Venezuela and Russia start to consider leaving their homeland.  For perspective, Venezuela’s government generates half of their revenues from oil.  The political and social pressure on oil exporting nations like Russia and Venezuela are like a ticking time bomb.  The combination of local pressures combined with the attractiveness that Miami and South Florida provide are impossible to ignore.

Miami TradeThe net result is a surge in entrepreneurs flocking into Miami and South Florida.  As a Florida licensed CPA Firm that has operated for over 65 years, Canner Brody and Yan is helping entrepreneurs navigate this transition and launch businesses of all types.


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