Here are 3 lean manufacturing concepts that can improve your manufacturing productivity.

1) Maintain a neat, organized workspace using the 5S. 5S stands for sort, set in order, shine standardize and sustain. When companies implement 5S as apart of a lean initiative, they make sure all unnecessary work tools and supplies are removed from the workplace (sort), that all necessary tools have their specific places (set in order), work spaces are cleaned as work is performed (shine), cleaning methods are applied consistently (standardize), and that the practice of 5S is continually improved (sustain)

2) Standardized work. It is the process of standardizing the work flow. Automakers have standard ways of assembling cars, specific down to the hand an assemblyman uses to pick up a bumper and the pressure he applies to snap it into place. This reduces defects and prevents costly oversights.

3) Manufacturing facilities should work hard to ensure the flow of material on a production line rarely stops. A manufacturer must adopt systemic structures and agreements that allow employees to hunker down and focus.

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