Forensic investigations are commonly done these days for corporate fraud, insurance fraud, tax crimes, and spousal dishonesty.  Heck, the National Football League (NFL) and NCAA have even used forensic accounting for matters such as:

  1. Investigation into Miami Dolphins situation between Richie Incognito, Jonathan Martin, John Jerry and Mike Pouncey – When the Miami Dolphin fiasco blew up, the NFL hired Ted Well’s to conduct an exhaustive forensic investigation.
  2. Investigation into Penn State Scandal and Sexual Abuse case – Penn State hired Louis Freeh to oversee investigation.
  3. NCAA investigation into Miami Hurricanes and Nevin Shapiro scandal
  4. Today’s investigation into New England Patriots Deflategate – The NFL has again hired Ted Wells, law firm of Paul Weiss, and Renaissance Associates, an investigatory firm with forensic accounting expertise, to review electronic and video information.

While forensic investigations into everyday sports make the headlines all the time, there are many smallerForensic Acctg profile investigations for embezzlement, employee dishonesty, divorce, and bribery of public officials.  When these matters happen, a forensic accounting expert is typically brought in to investigate what happened, quantify the losses or misdeeds, and analyze the transaction flows.  In some cases, the forensic is asked to testify as an expert witness.

Fraud investigations span nearly every industry from politics to sports to corporations to tax cheats.

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