The state with the highest upper range on taxes is California.  For high net worth individuals in California, they tax individuals up to 12.3%.  Ouch!

In Florida, there are no state taxes so that’s why many wealthy individuals seek to obtain residency in the warm state of Florida.  Ok, this year has been colder than most but it certainly beats those northern and midwestern states.

State Income Tax Rate for Wealthy

California – 12.3%

Minnesota – 9.85%

Iowa – 8.98%

New Jersey – 8.97%

Wash DC – 8.95%

Vermont – 8.95%

New York – 8.82%

Florida – 0%

For United States citizens that have worked hard, saved plenty, it is becoming very expensive to retain their residency within the ice cold state that they resided in for many years.  In addition to paying federal taxes, an additional 9-12% in taxes is very steep.

To put this into perspective, the interest rate today for banks and CD’s is less than 2%.  So a 9-12% state tax is huge in comparison.
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