When it becomes time to locate an accountant for your business, here are some tips to factor into your decision process.

Accounting firms work with many types of small businesses and are trained to keep an eye on major costs and share best practices with you, which can save you time and money.  Even if your business is at the early stages of life, many savvy CPA firms will factor that into the price of their services recognizing that you will eventually grow into a larger firm.

In today’s world, accountants are much more than beancounters and income tax preparers.  A good accountant can become your company’s trusted financial partner for life.  A general accountant covers these areas of expertise:

  • Accounting and record-keeping – Selection on what’s best for your type of business. Yes, there are all types of accounting software programs.  Let them guide you on what’s best.
  • Tax guidance and coaching – Rather than just tell you what you owe after the year is over, a savvy accountant will work with your throughout the year in a proactive manner providing you with strategies to lower your tax liability. Yes, proactive tax management can save you more than their annual fee.
  • Auditing – Some businesses need to be audited. Many do not.  Many smaller accountants avoid audits so determine if you will need this service upfront.
  • Business advisory – Modern accounting firms provide all kinds of consulting related services ranging from how to start up a new business, how to expand overseas, and sourcing product from overseas.

Canner Brody and Yan CPAs has been a trusted adviser to small business owners for over 65 years.  We have offices in Downtown Miami and Miami Lakes to better serve small businesses located in Miami Dade and Broward counties. If you are seeking to hire a small business CPA accounting firm, we offer a free initial consultation.  Simply call 305-728-5109 or 305-231-2150 and ask for Andrew Brody.