Miami not only functions as a gateway to Latin America, it also is a gateway from China, Russia and parts of Europe for business development into the U.S.

With the rapidly changing oil market and governmental instability in Russia, Venezuela, and economic softening in China, Miami is becoming far more attractive to wealthy non-residents of Florida.  With a currency that is the global standard, interest rates low, and zero state taxes, Miami looks better all the time.

Miami CondoVisually, this growth is easiest to detect in real estate projects throughout South Florida.  World class architects are helping transform local real estate development as we speak in the Brickell area and elsewhere.  The amount of real estate development is staggering and much of this investment is coming from offshore investors.  All told, this is an exciting time for our local marketplace and the growth stems well beyond real estate.

To make this transformation easier for foreign investment, our firm provides specialty services in real estate accounting and international tax services.  Our CPA Firm has serviced South Florida for over 65 years and is fluent in English, Spanish and Chinese.

If you would like our assistance, simply contact our Managing Partner, Andrew Brody CPA JD at 305-231-2150 or 305-728-5109.

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