Business owners in South Florida are often faced with the decision to work with a sole practitioner CPA firm versus working with a multiple partner CPA firm. There are clearly advantages to both scenarios but most small to medium sized businesses hire a multiple partner CPA firm for the following reasons:

Double Ended Sword
Challenges keeping up with the complex and rapidly changing tax law – For businesses that are rapidly growing, the complexity of needs as a business evolves over time are immense. As our business world has become more global in scope, the need to carefully evaluate international tax, succession planning and multiple state tax issues become challenging for a sole practitioner to stay on top off, along with meet the needs of their other clients.
Seasonal compression and capacity constraints – The seasonal demands of our deadline driven industry are intense. And the last minute legislation changes by our friends in Washington make it challenging for all firms. These last minute tax law changes make it nearly impossible for business owners with complex needs.
Continuity issues under adverse situations – While we all like to wear our rose colored glasses, the reality is that stuff happens. Whether it’s small like month long injury or illness or major like a stroke or extended medical treatment, the reality is that incapacity and death happen.


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Canner Brody and Yan CPAs is a multiple partner CPA firm that has operated for over 65 years in South Florida. We work with rapidly growing small and medium sized businesses throughout Miami Dade and Broward County. In addition to the standard accounting and tax responsibilities, our practice has several areas of expertise to handle our clients emerging needs like international taxation, forensic accounting and certified business valuation, high net worth accounting, and real estate accounting. We are also multilingual, English, Spanish and Chinese.