Tax Code in PagesEach year, our tax code gets longer and more complicated.

The filing season for 2014 is rapidly coming to a close and the Health Care Law (Affordable Care Act) is a totally new wrinkle that will make your tax return even longer.  In addition to more forms and questions, the issues with TurboTax is another reason that many people are flocking back to a local CPA Firm.

The reality is that more complicated returns require more expertise, whether it’s filing in multiple states, multiple countries, you have a business, you have a trust account or you had a great year in 2014.  These are all great reasons to reach out to an accountant that is certified with the state of Florida and has the expertise to handle your specific situation.

Canner Brody and Yan CPA’s has been operating in South Florida for over 65 years.  We have several CPA’s on staff and have developed several areas of additional expertise to handle more complicated tax returns and special circumstances.  Below are some examples:

  • Expatriate Tax Preparation and Non-Resident Taxes – We have developed a team to help United States citizens living abroad and non-residents living within the U.S.
  • High Net Worth Tax Preparation – As our range of clients has expanded, we have developed a group to support the needs of high net worth individuals who want to minimize their tax obligation legally.
  • International Taxation – Since Miami has become a hub for international trade, our international tax group has expanded rapidly to help businesses comply with the IRS and minimize their tax obligations legally.
  • Real Estate Accounting – As the Miami and South Florida markets have rebounded, our real estate accounting expertise has expanded considerably so we can help developers, investor groups, and property management companies.
  • Small and Medium Sized Businesses – After operating for over 65 years, many of our business clients have evolved from local to into multi-national businesses.  To support their needs, we have a multi-lingual staff that speaks English, Chinese and Spanish.
  • Condo Audits – Condo Boards – Homeowner Associations – Yes, our real estate accounting team does condo audits as well.  We work with all types of boards and associations to help them comply.

If you would like some help with your complicated tax issues, call us at 305-231-2150 or 305-728-5109 and ask for our Managing Partner, Andrew Brody CPA JD.  We have offices on Brickell Avenue, Miami Lakes and Weston.

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