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Does My Business Need to Collect Sales Tax?

A small business faces numerous hurdles along the way to success. At the top of the list is navigating the various local, state, and federal taxes obligations the business incurs. Neglecting to file taxes that the company owes can cause a fledging business to fail...

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Steps to Reduce Risk of Getting Hacked

Hacking is on the rise and small businesses are not immune from the risks hackers pose to businesses today. In fact, due to the rapidly evolving pace of technology and the single-minded resourcefulness of today's hackers, small businesses face greater risks than ever...

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Commercial Lease Laws and Process

f you have made the decision to bring your dream of owning your own small business to life, you may now be looking for the ideal space to lease for your business. You've leased apartments or rental homes before so this shouldn't be much different right? Wrong....

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